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    Are you interested in a tankless but also thinking of a home renovation or addition in the near future? Maybe a combi-boiler might be a better choice. Let’s see why.



    A combi-boiler has the ability to provide not only all your homes hot water but also heating to specific parts of your house. Its a furnace and a tankless rolled into one system. Maybe your thinking about a bathroom renovation, if you have a combi boiler piping in radiant floor heating and a towel warmer is not a problem. Maybe its the basement that needs finishing, add hydronic baseboard heaters, or maybe radiant floors to take the chill off. The best part is that all these options can run on their own separate thermostat allowing you to heat rooms or locations of your house at different temperatures.



    A combi boiler is definitely more expensive than a tankless but you do have a lot more expandability with this type of system. These systems allow you to make changes to your house as you renovate or expand without having the need to change an entire furnace or HVAC system out. Lifespan is also a factor and you can expect roughly 20 plus years of reliable service, provided periodic maintenance is performed.



    Combi boilers are almost all greater than 90% efficiency. With some reaching 95-98 percent! We have reached that peak in technology where your homes heating system really cant get any more efficient. This is great as it eliminates obsolescence which many home owners that purchased mid efficient furnace systems have experienced.
    Types of heating a Combi Boiler can provide

    These systems have been around for decades, they have certainly gotten a lot smaller but the basic principal behind a home boiler for heating and hot water has remained unchanged. Ultimately if you are doing some research on a tankless, check out the combi systems, they are basically and furnace/tankless rolled into one system that gives you the option of heating luxuries not afforded by just a tankless alone.


    Combi Boiler Brands


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