2016 Current Tankless Rebates

    Tankless Rebates are Back for 2016

    For select Ontario customers rebates and grants for home efficiency upgrades are back!

    If you are a client of either Enbridge or Union Gas then it is likely you will qualify for rebates on your home improvements. This could include anything from tankless rebates to combi boiler grants and home insulation incentives.

    combi boiler rebate

    What Qualifies?

    • Furnace upgrade
    • Boiler upgrade
    • Combi Boiler installation
    • Basement insulation
    • Attic insulation
    • Wall insulation
    • Water heater upgrade
    • Tankless installation
    • Window replacement with high efficiency model

    How Do I Participate?

    New Generation Navien Tankless
    Like the old program you will need to get a home energy audit before upgrading or making any home modifications. This audit sets your homes baseline so it can be referenced once you complete your energy upgrades. Once everything is installed and completed the last audit is scheduled to finalize and confirm upgrades before a rebate cheque is sent out.

    This program requires you complete at least two of the items listed above to qualify.

    How Much Can I Get Back?

    Each upgrade you complete adds cash to your final rebate cheque. You have to complete a minimum of 2. Items are valued differently, a tankless upgrade will net you a $200 tankless rebate while a furnace upgrade will get you a $500 rebate. Air sealing and insulation upgrades can get you a substantial amount more. The max you can receive is $2500 so keep that in mind before committing.

    More Information

    There is more information on our other rebates post regarding the new grants and what each upgrade is worth. We also try to outline the locations that homeowners need to be located in to qualify.


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