This is an awesome Cheap Alternative to your Furnace

    A Tankless Furnace and Hot Water System In One

    With the increase in water heater technology it is a simple process to completely remove your furnace system and switch to a hydronic water heater which uses all your existing ducts.  In fact, nearly all of the condos in Toronto use a very similar system.

    Why Would You Switch?

    • Only one system to maintain
    • One rental fee or a single system to purchase
    • Increased efficiency
    • Significant Space savings
    • Zero clearance to combustibles

    How does it work?

    It’s actually a very simple system similar to the way your air conditioner works.  

    Hot water from a tankless is pumped thought the hydronic heating coil and then back into the tankless to be re-heated and re-circulated.  It might be best to reference the picture below outlining the flow route.

     furnace alternative

    A tankless is upwards of 98% percent efficient; very little of your money is wasted out the chimney.  On top of that, when the water passes through the heating coil and cools down some residual heat remains allowing the tankless to modulate its output.  Sensors are able to throttle the burner down further reducing energy consumption and energy bills.


    We not only sell tankless furnace systems but also rent and lease them all with full installation.  To get a free quote simply give us a call or fill out our form to have us call you.

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    This furnace alternative is well suited to Canadian applications and further more, Toronto and the GTA.  Worried about not being able to produce enough hot water? Well it is a smart system that will throttle its furnace side of the business down if your hot water needs start to increase.  Do note that it can easily run your shower, a dishwasher, and the furnace element simultaneously.

    An updated Rinnai multi-position Hydronic Furnace offers a unique solution for a wide variety of residential and light commercial applications.  They are compact and ready to fit in tight spaces which may include, but not limited to, attics, basements, closets, crawlspaces, and utility rooms.


    These unique Hydronic Furnaces are designed to work in combination with tankless water heaters to deliver a wide variety of heating capacities covering the entire residential and light commercial heating spectrum.

    Nominal Heating Capacity (BTU/h)


    Model 37AH 045 = 45,000 BTU

    Model 37AH 060 = 60,000 BTU

    Model 37AH 075 = 75,000 BTU

    Model 37AH 090 = 90,000 BTU



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