Our New Tankless Promotions

    We have two new tankless promotions to tell you about.

    The first pertains to all homeowners thinking of upgrading to a new high efficiency tankless.


    Rinnai is offering a rebate of $200 on any ultra series tankless purchase.  Here in Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area the majority of our tankless installations are from the Ultra Series of tankless systems.  Thus it is a pretty safe bet you can count on the rebate.

    Ultra Series Tankless Systems Installed In Ontario

    The $200 off a new Rinnai tankless is only offered from now until the end of December 2013 (we can help any of our clients with the rebate form).  Completed rebate submissions must be mailed out by January 31st 2014.

    Get $200 off your Rinnai Tankless


    The second tankless promotion could include homeowners interested in a tankless as well as a furnace.


    This second promotion is directly from our Furnace side of the business but could pertain to customers looking for a tankless as well. 

    Buy a Furnace and get a FREE TANKLESS

    So basically if you happen to be looking for a tankless and have an older furnace that is in need of upgrading it might be a smart move to upgrade the furnace and get a new tankless for free!

    In certain situations where a tankless can’t be installed or a home owner doesn’t want a tankless we can offer no payments for the first 12 months!

    There are of course some minor stipulations but they can all be full explained over the phone by one of our REPS.  Simply give us a call or fill out our contact form to have someone at our office call you back. 

    Tankless promotion

    Call: 647 925 1930 — Or Have Us Call You



      Home inspections regarding tankless and furnace installations are always free.

      Are you in need of a new furnace? We rent, finance, and sell systems at our furnace site as well – GTAFURNACE.ca

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