I Was Told a Tankless Can’t Be Installed

    Tankless Installation Issues

    I received three phone calls from people today who were told that a tankless can’t be installed in their home.  Either the desire for a tankless or the vibe they received from the tankless installer was enough to get a second opinion.

    In all three instances from what the customer told me it sounded like a tankless could easily be installed.  This has become a bit of an issue as some plumbing and HVAC companies not specialized in tankless systems just fluff off the home owners request saying it can’t be installed.  The home owner is then put in a hard spot assuming that the system can’t be installed and simply puts a conventional hot water heater in.

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    It’s Almost Always Possible To Install A Tankless

    If you are thinking of getting a tankless and your contractor says that it’s impossible to install the system you want, either give us a call or try a few other local companies.  I think you might be very surprised as to the difference you hear between quotes.

    Why Do Contractors Lie About Tankless Installation?

    A tankless is harder to install and can be a quite labour intensive when drilling or expanding the new holes for the vent pipe.

    The regulations for venting and installing a tankless are quite different than that of a conventional tank.  A contractor may not feel comfortable or not know how to install and thus they avoid the system with a false excuse.

    • Resistance to change – some people have been working with conventional tanks for years and they may feel they know better and thus impart their views on you.
    • Money – the profits on a tankless are very similar to that of a conventional tank (power vented) but they have double the lifespan.
    • Contractors have been burned in the past – unfortunately the Navien brand of tankless water heater had some major issues with one of their tankless models.  Companies were on the hook and they did their best to help the customers out. Ultimately the issue was traced back to the manufacturer but installers ended up paying (Navien discontinued that model and now makes a stand-up product).

    What Should You Do?

    There are many fantastically reputable companies within Toronto and the Golden Horse Shoe that know the ins and outs of tankless water heaters.  If you’re looking for space savings, high efficiency, endless hot water, or any of the numerous other benefits tankless offer let us be one of the contractors to assess your home free today.   CALL US  – 647 925 1930




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