Tankless Systems are Super Efficient at Home Heating

    Winter is fast approaching and heating your home with a tankless water heater is a very efficient and easy way to net yourself some energy savings this winter. 

    How Does It Work?

    A tankless is capable of dual duties – meeting your homes domestic hot water needs as well as all of the space heating. A tankless is 98% efficient and thus only 2 cents of every dollar is wasted out the exhaust vent, compare this to a boiler or even a conventional heater and you can quickly see why a tankless is so economical.

    Homes With A Boiler – If you already employ a boiler to heat your home and water then a tankless is a very easy transition.  Most boilers are around the 80% efficiency range and comparably very expensive with prices easily reaching $8,000 to $10,000.  A brand new, highest efficiency, top of the line tankless can be installed easily within the $3000 range.

    Don’t have a boiler? – Not a problem, tankless manufactures have been making air exchangers for a number of years now.  An air exchanger is simply a heat exchanger that allows the hot water produced by a tankless to be transferred to your homes air.  These systems are relatively inexpensive and work with existing duct work completely removing the need for a furnace system.home heating with a tankless

    What Tankless Water Heater Could be used for Home Heating?

    For co-application systems we always recommend installing a condensing tankless water heater.  A condensing unit increases efficiency ratings into the high ninety percent range significantly contributing to reduced natural gas consumption and overall home energy savings. Additionally, the secondary heat exchanger works to increase hot water production by utilizing the normally wasted heat trapped within the exhaust gases. 

    We would recommend one of these systems:

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