Cold Incoming Water and Tankless Installer

    Are you thinking of moving to a tankless systems but concerned that here in Canada our incoming water temperatures are too cold in the winter?


    That is a common question we hear, but it’s not really a factor with the right tankless, and here is why.


    A good tankless installer will only install the unit that fits a homeowner’s hot water needs and demands.  The winter is the when our incoming water in Toronto and the greater Toronto area is at its coldest temperature.  For a tankless the cold incoming water makes it more difficult to produce hot water, thus output is reduced as the water flows a little slower though the heat exchanger.Tankless Installer


    The trick for Ontario and area home owners is to ensure that your tankless installer is putting in a condensing tankless.  These tankless systems utilize two heat exchangers.  The primary one is the same as any other tankless and its sole function is to get incoming water up to the correct temperature that you’re demanding.   What makes them different is their use of a secondary heat exchanger.  This one is a bit smaller and is located near the top of the unit where the hot exhaust can flow past it.  The trick is that this normally wasted exhaust heat is actually used to preheat the incoming water. 


    With the condensing tankless your incoming water may only be a few degrees above freezing but once it has passed though that smaller heat exchanger and makes its way into the primary one it may be 10 or 15 degrees warmer.   Suddenly our Canadian cold waters are similar in temperature to those in Southern States. 


    So if you are hesitating about a tankless for your home keep in mind the tens of thousands of homeowners throughout Ontario who already all the benefits these systems provide.  Did I mention that a condensing tankless is 96% efficient, compare that to your conventional tank…

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