Water Heater Door Knockers

    First off we haven’t and never will employ door knockers in an attempt to sell you a tankless or conventional water heater.
    We are in the water heater industry and can say that this door knocking strategy has unfortunately become a very negative and frowned upon marketing ploy that now affects all companies. This occurs when people and reporters lump all water heating companies into one group and make generalizations that if one is nefarious then they all must be.

    There was a time when door knockers were much more common place, selling pins, needles, hardware, vacuums, knives, and many other items. There is a long history in door to door sales; the issue is that sales people today don’t hesitate to take advantage of homeowners. One technique that is used is to install a tank nearly immediately after a home owner signs. A common suggestion is “the installer is actually just down the road and can install it now”. Once the tank is installed it’s harder to get out of the contract and sometimes quite expensive.
    New Rules For Door Knockers
    The Ontario Government is implementing new legislation to in an effort to curb these misleading sales tactics. If the bill passes it will ban door to door sales companies from installing the water heater for 20 days. This should give the consumer ample time to review their contract, call the current company, and research their choice. In addition to doubling the cooling off period the companies that sell door to door are required to make follow up calls and receive additional confirmation that the home owner is still interested in the new water heater.

    I would advise all home owners to assess their water heater situation, if you’re happy renting your system than spend some time researching companies. Read reviews and make an informed decision. Don’t sign anything at the door!

    If you’re tempted from some sales person at the door on the promise of higher efficiency with a new water heater, you should take your time and do a little research on tankless water heaters. They are much more efficient, we offer free quotes, and we don’t sell door to door.

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