How To Install A Tankless Yourself

    We get a lot of requests from homeowners throughout Southern Ontario requesting to purchase a tankless and tankless only. Some homeowners feel as though they can do all the work to install a tankless system themselves in an effort to save some money.
    This is understandable but I hope to provide a few reasons why it may end up being cheaper to hire a profession installer.

    Think You Can Install a Tankless Yourself?

    First off you need to purchase isolation valves, a vent kit, vent pipes, connections, gas line and various other materials that most people don’t really think about. Don’t believe me? Check out Rona and see how much those items can cost. Isolation Valves alone are over $100.install a tankless

    Secondly, depending on the tankless you purchase you will need to make either 2, 3 inch holes or 1, 5 inch hole though the basement block or brick wall. This takes a very expensive specialized drill bit to make a neat and clean hole for the vent.

    A professional installer has the knowledge to assess your homes natural gas lines as to whether they are adequate for a tankless. At minimum you will need a ¾ inch line to the tankless, but this lead line may need to be bigger if you have a furnace, stove, dryer, or any other appliance using the same supply line. The last thing you want to do is starve your tankless for fuel.

    Here is the kicker. Rinnai tankless systems are not sold to the public and only to certified contractors who have passed their installer training classes. Effectively this has limited the number of “do it yourself installers” who more often make mistakes which cause tankless malfunctions and breakdowns. This Rinnai restriction may have reduced the number of systems sold but they are rated the most reliable tankless system. It’s not because their design is better than any other manufacturer but simply that more systems are installed properly significantly reducing breakdowns.

    If you are thinking of upgrading to a tankless make sure to get a proper installation, by a professional tankless installer.

    We have been installing tankless water heaters throughout Ontario for several years now. Call or fill out our form to get a free personal consultation regarding you situation and your home.


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