Comparing a Tankless System With Other Methods

    We created a small Venn diagram to debate some of the benefits of different water heaters available here in the Greater Toronto Area.  This was our first draft and there are many factors that we left out and will be updated as time goes on.

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    The three main types we talked about were tankless, conventional tank, and solar.  Here is a breakdown of the associations we made regarding each type of water heater.

    Tankless and Solar – These two water heater systems definitely both exhibit high efficiency ratings where as your conventional tank is really quite inefficient.  A tankless is upwards of 98 percent efficient and the solar system can be 100 percent efficient.

    Tankless and Conventional – Unfortunately both tankless and regular tanks require fossil fuels to produce combustion which creates heat.  This in turn heats the water. The best way to mitigate the use is to ensure you use the most efficient system available.

    Solar and Conventional – Both of these methods require a holding tank, which can take up additional space in your home.  The benefit is that the water is already hot and can potentially still be used throughout your home in a power failure (as long as water pressure remains).

     Comparing a Tankless

    No matter which system you choose the ultimate goal is to provide hot water throughout your home when needed.  All three systems are effective at meeting this need and as a home owner it is up to you to choose which best suits your needs.

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