Make Your Water Heater More Efficient

    Here is a simple product that can save you 40% or more on your water heating bills. drain water heat recovery with a tankless

    If you have a tankless and really want to make that thing shine than you need to hear about this drain water heat recovery system.  In fact it really doesn’t matter which type of water heater you own, the savings are transferable.

    For the most part running your shower is the bulk of your homes hot water demand, and you spend a lot of money to heat the water up for that shower.  The unfortunate part is 90% of the money you turned into hot water simply runs down the drain (pun intended). 

    A drain water heat recovery system is installed on the main drain pipe within your home and captures , 30, 40, 50, and up to 60 percent of the energy that would normally escape down the drain.  This captured energy is then used to preheat incoming water so your tankless or water heater uses much less energy to heat the water. 

    The physics behind this system is called the falling film effect.  Basically water clings to the inside walls of a pipe as opposed to falling down the center as would be anticipated.  This presents an opportunity to use the highly conductive properties of copper to exchange the heat from waste water. drain water heat recovery

    In the image you can clearly see how the drain water heat recovery system works; incoming water flows though the exchanger consisting of numerous copper coils wrapped around the central copper drain pipe.  

    Here are the benefits of the Power Pipe

    • Affordable: systems start for as little as $500.00
    • Saves up to 40% of water heating costs in the typical home.
    • Pays for itself in 2 to 6 years.
    • Increases hot water capacity: Tankless and Conventional tanks
    • Creates no discernible water pressure loss.
    • Reduces total home energy consumption by up to 10%.
    • Easy to install in new or existing homes.
    • Compatible with any type of water heating system.
    • Maintenance-free: the passive system has no moving parts.
    • Durable: it will last more than 50 years.

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