Cheapest Tankless In The GTA

    So you’re looking for the cheapest tankless… Here are a few tips on how to score the best deal.

    A tankless offers considerable savings on your homes energy bill, it literally runs all year long, both your furnace and the air conditioner only operate for half a year. Upgrading your homes water heater is the low hanging fruit, the easiest and most cost effective when increasing a home’s efficiency.

    A lot of people will simply Google “tankless”, in fact that’s probably how you got here.  In my opinion that is the correct move. 

    Alternatively some GTA or Golden Horseshoe homeowners will start their search on Kijiji, this is a big mistake in my opinion. Here is why.

    For the most part a company that has a reputable website and is ranked well on Google has expertise, a steady cash flow, and a clearly vested interest in maintaining the business.  Kijiji is filled with fly by night people and companies that are not registered, have no accountability, but will offer the cheapest tankless.

    Your great Kijiji deal will probably turn out to be more expensive in the long run.  It may not be installed to code, it could be a used tankless, an old model, improperly installed, or any numerous other issues.  Remember a properly installed tankless can breakdown 50% less than an improperly installed system.

    When you decide to upgrade your water heater don’t look for the cheapest tankless, collect a number of quotes and pick the company that offers a system in the middle of the your range

    We rent, lease, and sell affordable tankless water heaters with installation that meets or exceeds provincial codes.  Get a free in home assessment to ensure that a tankless can be installed.  We service areas in and around Oakville, Hamilton, Burlington, Mississauga, Brampton, Maple, Richmond Hill, North York and Toronto.

    See how much a Tankless will cost completely installed.

    Or call us at

    (647) 925-1930

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