Water Heater Companies Reliance and Direct Energy Fined

    rental water heatersThe Canadian Competition Bureau has recently issued a statement of intent to fine both Reliance and Direct Energy for suppressing competition and restricting consumer choice.  Both of these companies are large water heater rental companies that have a large share of the market.  The total fine is set at 25 million dollars, 15 million for Direct Energy and the rest for Reliance.

    This is good news for homeowners as it opens the door for smaller companies to win their business in the rental water heater business.  The major players have implemented frustrating tactics and expensive exit fees on contracts forcing consumers to stay with them.  In addition they have created contracts in excess of 15 years to trap you.

    Renting your water heater in some circumstances is a great solution for home owners, a reliable water heater at a small flat monthly fee.  A rental water heater is fully guaranteed and if any issues arise the rental company will show up and fix or replace it for no fee at all.

    If you’re thinking of renting a new water heater check out some of your local medium sized water heater companies that offer reliable service without all the nefarious customer traps.  

    We offer rentals without all the headaches or can put you in touch with a reputable company if you’re out of our service area.

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    Looking for an energy efficiency increase in your water heating bills? A tankless is 95% efficient and your conventional tank is 50% at best.  Ask about renting a tankless instead of the conventional tank and start saving on your bills.

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