Tankless Sales – Facts and Claims to Watch

    I was listening to the Moose FM up in the Parry Sound area and heard a very interesting advertisement.  A local HVAC contractor had purchased some air time and was talking about how a Navian tankless water heater could save you up to 80% on your water bill! I have to question where some of these figures come from.  Unless you significantly reduce the amount of hot water you use a Navien is not going to reduce your energy bill by 80%, that’s ridiculous.   In the best case you’re looking at about a 40% reduction in water heater energy bills.  I always tell customers really interested in figures regarding energy reductions to expect around 30% plus or minus 10%.  Secondly, even the tankless manufacturer Navien, who best interest would be for the 80% figure has never mentioned a figure that high. 

    I guess, what I hope, is that if you as a home owner are looking to upgrade to a tankless you spend some time collection quotes and researching the systems a little bit. Clearly some people and advertisers work to skew the perception so you spend some of your hard earned money.  Tankless sales tactics have been known to focus on unrealistic energy savings that will never be realized. 

    There are definite energy savings produced by tankless water heaters and yes they do cost more than a conventional tank.  Do the savings offset the additional costs? Each home, water use habits, and family can really skew the results but in the majority of homes the savings will offset the costs.  Your tankless will also last 2-3 times longer than a conventional tank resulting in tankless sales taking off in and around the Greater Toronto Area.

    Interested in seeing how much a full tankless and installation will cost for your home? Have one of our consultants give you a free inspection and full quote on either a Rinnai, Navien, or Rheem, of your choice.  

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