Rheem Tankless Water Heaters Recommended In Ontario

     Over the years we have used, tested, installed, and ultimately recommended only small number of tankless water heaters to the home owners in Southern Ontario.  Today we sare adding a brand of tankless that we had previously not given much attention to.

    Rheem Tankless

    Rheem has developed and released a great condensing tankless water heater that we feel functions admirably in our cold climate.  There are a few key developments that have pushed these systems into the forefront.Tankless quotes rheem

    The two models that we would recommend homeowners check out would be the condensing:

    Both of these tankless systems use a relatively industry standard solid copper primary heat exchanger and a stainless steel secondary condensing heat exchanger.  For the energy input both the 95DV and 84DV produce roughly the exact same hot water output as the competition.  If you find that you need to upgrade how much hot water you produce both models have an EZ connect system allowing a second tankless to be added doubling hot water production. 

    So far the Rheem tankless systems are basically on par with competing condensing tankless water heaters, but there are some unique features these systems employ.  Firstly, Rheem has taken a pretty standard complaint regarding hot water low flow rates and very much improved the issue.  By flow rate I’m referring to when you just need a trickle of hot water, say, when you’re shaving.  Current tankless brands require ½ gallon per minute to trigger the tankless to fireup and produce hot water. Rheem has cut this in half.  With either of the two aforementioned models only ¼ of a gallon of water per minute passing though the system will still produce hot water. Shaving with a Rheem tankless will definitely save more water!

    Rheem has installed a condensate reservoir and neutralizer in their tankless.  You will still need to drain the buildup of condensate water but it is now automatically buffered.  As the cold incoming water is heating up it produces condensation on the outside of the heat exchanger.  This water is collected by the tankless and stored, the slightly acidic water is then neutralised and discharged automatically.

    Both of these Rheem tankless systems use a two pipe PVC or 636 venting system.  This speeds installation, increases the range of installation possibilities, and is cheaper to vent than concentric or stainless vent materials.  These features all add up to a great tankless system we are confident you and your family will find highly effective.

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