Cottage Tankless Water Heaters Save You Real Money

    It is winter now and most cottages and summer homes are shut down, closed up, and put to bed. This is a pretty standard ritual for Ontario cottage owners who drain water systems, store boats, and remove docks. We have numerous inquiries from cottage owners looking to move away from electric water heaters and into some type of alternative. I’m certain if you own a cottage you know of the ridiculous cost for hydro and are looking for a way to reduce it. A cottage tankless is a great way.

    Why does electricity cost more in cottage country?

    The actual price of electricity is the same for all of Ontario for the most part (smart meters owners have a fluctuating rate). The delivery charge is where Ontario home owners or cottages are charged differently. Basically, your town or local area population is tallied up and divided by the delivery, thus, major cities like Barrie, Eobicoke, Toronto, Vaughan have much lower delivery charges (the cost is split between a large number of people). Cottage country is widespread and has a low population so the delivery charge is split only between a few people and thus it’s higher.

    Electric Vs Propane For A Cottage Tankless

    Initially when cottagers contact us they are looking for an electric tankless, and they have the right idea as it will significantly reduce their electrical consumption. But, (there’s always a but) your electrical panel needs to have some serious power. An electric cottage tankless needs 240 volts, 12,000 watts, and 50 amps for the smallest system. This is why I have all cottage owners consider a propane cottage tankless water heater.cottage tankless water heaters

    Technically a small propane cottage tankless system can run off your conventional BBQ tank and provide hot water for a month or more. We suggest having a 100 pound tank installed from a local propane supply company, and simply have it filled once a year. Propane usually costs between 20 and 50 cents a pound, pretty cheap really.

    Benefits Of A Cottage Tankless

    • Significantly reduced hydro bills
    • The tankless drains easily for winter storage
    • System hangs on the wall
    • Some systems are designed for outdoor installation; simply hang on an outside wall, no vent necessary.
    • If you’re not there during the week your system is consuming zero energy, yet it’s ready the moment you arrive.

    If you have any questions regarding costs and installation of a cottage tankless water heater sized system give us a call (647) 925-1930  or fill out our quick form and we will reply as soon as we have what you’re looking for or requesting.

    Take Care.

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    1. 1. Yes, nearly all tankless water heaters are easily converted to either propane or natural gas. They almost always come with the conversion kit in the box. An electric tankless is not the best option if you have propane available.
      2. The tankless will easily handle cold water. You would want to make sure the water is filtered before reaching the tankless and ensure the water main coming from the lake is either heat traced or buried below the frost line.
      3. I would recommend Navien, Ecoking, or Rinnai

    2. Hello!
      We are considering putting a tankless propane water heater into our cottage which is approximately 1,000sg ft including the loft.
      A. Is there such a thing as a tankless propane water heater or can an electric one be converted?
      B. If we are able to leave the water intake in the lake in the winter will the tankless water heater handle very cold water which would be collected from under the ice. The temp goes to -30 Celsius?
      C. Is there a brand tc that you would recommend for this application?

      Thank you for your attention.

    3. Question: Our cabin water supply is gravity spring fed does this cause a problem? Example: pressure or run dry protection?

    4. Looking at tankless at my cottage but I draw water from the river, will this affect me ? will it clog the filter ? any other potential problems

    5. Yep it can definitely be installed in a closet. Clearances will change according to the size of the model you choose. Give us a call and I can tell you the clearances over the phone for any of the tankless water heaters you’re interested in.

      Thanks, (647) 925 1930

    6. Cottage waters heaters
      Small cottage 700 sf
      Can this go in a closet and what clearances are required


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