Choosing the Right Tankless Contractor In Toronto

    The HVAC industry within the Greater Toronto Area is extremely competitive so it pays to do your research as a consumer. Currently we have a glut of independent contractors low-balling each other in order to get your business. Sure, on the surface this seems great for the average home owner.  The more competition there is the better the prices become – but dig a little deeper and you quickly realize that some of these Toronto based contractors can offer their bargain basement prices by bending the rules and taking short cuts. Go even further and you quickly see that many of the contractors in the GTA are unqualified or not even licensed to work here.Tankless Contractor In Toronto

    Do you know what can make your brand new 98% efficient tankless run at only 80% efficiency or less? Simple, the way it’s installed…..

    When it comes to the efficiency of tankless water heaters (your furnace and air conditioner included) accurate and proper installation is key to ensuring the system functions as expected.  Your tankless is literally custom installed in your home; this is in fact the main reason a tankless will cost more for installation.  A tankless contractor in Toronto takes numerous factors into consideration ensuring that the placement is to code and provides hot water quickly to all appliances. Remember, the most important day in the life of your tankless is the day it’s installed correctly and to Provincial and the manufactures codes!

    How Do You Choose The Right Tankless Contractor In Toronto?

    When it comes time to make the decision on your tankless installer take a good look at the quotes you have received, are you certain you still want to go with the lowest bidder?

    The Tankless Guides offers free quotes for tankless systems throughout the Greater Toronto Area. If your thinking of a tankless for your home make sure to have us come out and assess your home for correct installation guidelines as well as a free quote. 

    We’re not always the cheapest but we guarantee a great job!

    Questions about this post or tankless systems in general? Leave us a reply. Or try the phone, Or, Last but not least, we have a great web form that gets sent to several people so you’re guaranteed a response!

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    1. How much will be the condensing tankless water heater installed ?

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