Can You Replace A Boiler With A Tankless?

    This is an interesting question and I will give you the quick and dirty answer right away, yes, a tankless can do the job of a boiler in some situations… Notice that little caveat there?  Yep there are situations where a tankless won’t work as a replacement boiler. boiler replacement systems

    I’m going to explain a little more in the following few paragraphs as to why and where a tankless can work and where it won’t.  If you want to find out about your particular homes situation its best to call a professional in to fully assess everything; and fortunately we are professionals.  So, if you happen to live somewhere in the Greater Toronto area and stumble upon this, give us a call our quotes and advice are always free.

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    Now onwards – As mentioned each home is different and a tankless definitely can’t be installed as a boiler replacement in all situations.  But they can in quite a few.  A tankless is upwards of 98% efficient and can bring you quite a bit of money and energy savings.  Don’t get me wrong, new boilers are also very efficient now and can also do a great job of domestic hot water needs, but they can be expensive. 

    Things To Understand About A Tankless For Home Heating

    • The tankless system needs to have a circulation pump or be designed and designated for radiant heating as well.
    • The hot water production needs to be raised to 180 degrees F in some instances
    • A tankless in small and probably won’t be sufficient to heat your home if it is quite large

    Last Notes

    There are some new systems that are high efficiency conventional water heaters that are modular.  By this I mean that they have the ability to produce unlimited hot water like a tankless as well as provide hot water for radiant heating.  The system is modular in that you can add these features on as you so choose.boiler heatering tankless

    So give us a call or feel free to fill out our form for more information regarding a tankless boiler.

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    1. Have a small studio that I need to heat , what’s the cost? Would the existing radiators work?

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