We Apologize for Tankless Hot Water Guide Errors

    Site Errors

    We would like to take a brief moment to apologize for some errors we just discovered.  Last month we had an issue where we had a few days of downtime on the tankless hot water guide website, this initially was thought to have been the result of someone hacking the site.  We had poured through the logs and simply skipped over the simplest of all explanations.  Again today the same issue popped up.  The site was down for a few hours before the discover had been made.

    As it turns out the tanklesshotwaterguide.ca has turned out to be an incredibly popular and well linked site.  And this is where the issue is rooted.  When we setup this website we never expected to receive the traffic we now receive, and thus we had only delegated 10 gigabytes of bandwidth per month thinking that would be more than enough. Well i can tell you first hand that it’s not. Tankless Hot Water Guide Bandwidth Issues

    Last month we hit the limit on October 29th bringing the site to its knees.

    This month we hit it on the 27th

    We are definitely growing and our traffic increases every month. 

    Again we do apologize for these technical issues.  For a little fun and as a small retribution our “chief commander” has offered to sit in and answer the phones all day tomorrow. Give us a call and do a little bartering I think he feels pretty guilty about the downtime.

    CAll — (647) 925-1930

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