Commercial Tankless Installations

    Commercial establishments can benefit highly from commercial tankless water heaters as they usually have high water demands for short periods.  There have times where managers or owners thinking outside the box have called us requesting information on a tankless system for their work place.Commercial tankless installations

    Here are a few examples of how a tankless can thrive in a commercial setting:

    EX 1 – An owner called us inquiring as to whether we could provide 10 gallons per minute of hot water for 10 hours straight so his wash plant could maintain hot water.  No problem. We simply pared two commercial tankless systems together to meet the needed demand.  We installed those units 3 years ago and the owner has only been happy. In fact he called us back last year to add a third unit as he was expanding and need a higher volume.  The benefit of course is that hot water is only produced when needed and at an unlimited quantity.

    EX 2 –  A salon owner called us requesting a commercial tankless to save some room in their salon as well as have unlimited hot water for daily use.  We installed a single condensing tankless wall mounted giving her much more space in her storage closet.  The additional benefit turned out to be that the owner was able to set the perfect temperature for washing hair.  No more fiddling with the hot and cold tap trying to adjust the temp, simply turn on and have the perfect water temperature.

    EX3 – Food production factory inquired about removing numerous conventional water tanks and moving to a tankless system.  We went in and assessed their situation providing a quote for the new tankless systems with installation.  They called back the next day to have the system installed.  We installed 3 tankless in series providing hot water for all hand wash stations, bathrooms and production area needs.  We hadn’t heard from the plant manager since installation so we followed up with a call and he said that the system is working perfectly and that they actually have a measureable decrease in natural gas consumption.

    Tankless systems are work horses and are designed to be run long and hard, this makes them perfect candidates for commercial applications.  As a home owner it’s nice to know that those commercial tankless are the exact same ones installed in residential homes.  I venture to guess that the 20 year lifespan of a tankless is not an exaggeration.

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