Co-op Housing, Condos, and Townhome Tankless

    Tankless Systems For Energy Savings

    If you on a board for a co-op housing, condo complex, or townhouse development than a tankless may be a great way to start saving some money.  We have installed tankless systems in similar situations and owners and tenants have seen real savings on top of other significant benefits.

    Reasons To Explore A Tankless

    1. A tankless has a much smaller foot print freeing up more space
    2. Each home or residence has the option of having their own tankless or combining multiple systems in series to provide additional capacity
    3. Up to 98% efficiency and Energy savings of up to 40%
    4. Long expected lifespan of 20 or more years
    5. High efficiency of a tankless is maintained throughout its lifespan
    6. Unlimited hot water production

    What We OfferTankless in co-op homes

    If your co-op, condo, or townhouse development is looking to get a free assessment we can come out free of charge to provide you with a full explanation and price breakdown.  Tankless do have very specific installation requirements and in some situations they can be more difficult to install.  Having a REP over to your location will ensure that a tankless is able to be installed.

    Co-op homes are ideal tankless candidates as they usually require multiple systems and since installation is concentrated in a small geographic area it allows us to offer significant discounts. 

    What A Co-op Offers Residence

    The main benefit that is offered by co-op housing is the security of ownership…at the price of renting.  To join a co-op you do not have to buy a unit, you simply rent to become a member of the co-operative. There is no need to make a down payment.  The best part is that you have the security of ownership because you and the other members control the company that owns the building. This control allows you to enforce a no sale policy that ensures everyone’s units can’t be sold or converted to a condominium.

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