Free Tankless Venting Toronto

    Are you on the fence regarding a tankless water heater for your home?

    We have a free tankless venting sale on now!

    We offer free advice and loads of experience regarding tankless water heaters in Toronto and currently are offering free venting for your new system with purchase of system and installation. 

    We always recommend homeowners to purchase a tankless system on the larger side of hot water production.  Our incoming water temperature during a Toronto and area winter is quite cold so it takes a lot of heat to warm your water up to desired levels.  A larger sized tankless is able to meet your homes requirements while still providing enough hot water that appliances and bathrooms demand during the coldest winters.tankless venting system

    Recommended Products

    1. Navien 210
    2. Navien 240
    3. Bosch Them C1210
    4. Bosch Them C1050
    5. Bosch Them C950
    6. Bosch 940
    7. Rinnai  R75LSi
    8. Rinnai  R94LSi
    9. Rinnai  RC80HPi
    10. Rinnai  RC98HPi

    Toronto Tankless Installation

    Installing a tankless is a complicated process and takes a lot of time.  The unit needs a plug or electrical socket nearby as well as a mounting plate that goes on the wall to hold the tankless in place securely.  In addition each brand has its own specific venting requirements that need to be met.  Some systems uses concentric venting and some use 636, some need a termination kit some don’t, some use 5 inch pipe and some use 3 inch.  These factors all add up increasing the cost of installation. 

    Tankless Installation Sale GTA

    For a limited time were offering free venting when you purchase a tankless and installation though us.

    If you have any questions send us a quick e-mail message here or give us a call

    (647) 925-1930

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