High Efficiency Water Heaters

    Yes, when you think of high efficiency water heaters most people think of on demand or tankless water heaters.  Yet this shouldn’t be the case all the time. 

    There are a number of systems that are conventional tank type water heaters that now are trending in the high 90% efficiency rating.  These high efficiency water heaters range in size from 50 gallons to upwards of 200 gallons.  We talked about the Versa Hydro from HTP last week and how it is a both a hot water tank as well as residential space heater.

    I would like to take a quick peek at some of the products that are available to homeowners that may not want a tankless or can’t have one installed due to venting issues but still want higher efficiency.


    The Envirosense is a 50 gallon tank that ranges in efficiency from 90% to 96% depending on model selected.  This high efficiency water heater can be vented with PVC, CPVC, 636, and other approved methods making installation more flexible. 

    Envirosense Power Direct VentHigh Efficiency Water Heaters

    1. 50 gallon – 100,000 BTU – 96% efficient – 3 gallon per minute output

    Envirosense Direct Vent

    1. 50 gallon – 76,000 BTU – 90% efficient – 2 gallon per minute output


    The Polaris is another high efficiency water heater that comes in either a 34 gallon or 50 gallon unit.  These water heaters are between 95 % and 96% efficient and capable of providing a continous supply of hot water.

    In addition to residential hot water production the Polaris can provide residential space heating needs, making it a great two in one system.

    1. 34 gallon tank – 100,000 BTU (96% efficient)
    2. 34 gallon tank – 130,000 BTU (96% efficient)
    3. 34 gallon tank – 150,000 BTU (95% efficient)
    4. 50 gallon tank  – 130,000 BTU (95% efficient)

    HTP Versa Hydro

    We talked about this system in depth last week here, but for a quick synopsis.  The versa Hydro is a high efficiency water heater ranging in size from 55 gallons to 119 gallons and 96% efficient.  Versa has enabled modules allowing for hot water production, space heating and solar thermal adaption.

    Versa Hydro

    1. 55 gallon tank – 130,000 or 199,000 BTU units – 205 to 295 GPH
    2. 80 gallon tank – 130,000 or 199,000 BTU units – 227 to 314 GPH
    3. 119 gallon tank – 130,000 or 199,000 BTU units – 257 to 335 GPH

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