High Efficiency Conventional Tank Water Heaters

    In light of all this competition from tankless water heaters conventional storage tank manufactures have started to reinvent their systems.  The new storage tank water heaters are up to 96% efficient and have the ability to meet space heating requirements as well as domestic hot water needs.High efficiency conventional tank

    HTP Versa Series

    The HTP versa series are conventional tank type water heaters that not only provide domestic hot water but also can meet a homeowners space heating requirements.

    Versa Hydro

    The Versa Hydro was designed primarily to provide hot water needs with domestic space heating as a secondary option.  The units come in 3 sizes ranging from 55 gallons up to 119, and can provide up to 335 gallons of hot water during the first hour. 

    The space heating module on the Versa Hydro has a max BTU of 135,000 and temperature output of 160 degrees.  To efficiently heat your home the Versa Hydro uses the stored heat within the tank and draws it from the brazed plate heat exchanger.

    The Versa Hydro comes in a number of different sizes

    1. 55 gallon tank – 130,000 or 199,000 BTU units – 205 to 295 GPH hot water production
    2. 80 gallon tank – 130,000 or 199,000 BTU units – 227 to 314 GPH hot water production
    3. 119 gallon tank – 130,000 or 199,000 BTU units – 257 to 335 GPH hot water productionHigh efficiency conventional tank

    Versa Flame

    The Versa Flame is a 55 gallon tank with a 95% thermal efficiency rating.  The Versa Flame is so efficient that it can provide 3.2 gallons per minute at a 77 degree rise continuously, nearly the same hot water production as a tankless.  The Versa Flame is designed to be used in applications where space heating is the primary objective and hot water secondary. 

    The Versa Flame comes in 3 different sizes

    1. 55 gallon tank – 35,000 to 130,000 BTU’s – 210 GPH hot water production
    2. 55 gallon tank – 40,000 to 160,000 BTU’s – 250 GPH hot water production
    3. 55 gallon tank – 40,000 to 199,000 BTU’s – 300 GPH hot water production

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