Your House As A System

    Your home is a system that needs to work efficiently together.  HAAS or House as a System is a principal that ensures all parts and components in your home work together. 

    When it comes to renovations most home owners fail to treat their home as an integrated system which can end up creating problems down the road.    

    A great home will have taken into account all areas ensuring that components work together; this could be anything from insulation to ventilation but always making it a healthy and comfortable living space.

    This is the tankless hot water guide so we would like to talk about how water heaters fit into the mix. 

    A water heater uses energy to heat water and store it or produce it immediately like an on demand tankless system.  Propane and natural gas water heater need oxygen for combustion and this is something you as a home owner should look into.

    Conventional combustion based tank type water heaters use air from inside your home and then vent the exhaust out the vent pipe.  This system works but it is important to understand where the air comes from and what it is doing.

    When your conventional tank starts it sucks air from your home and forces outside, this is turn causes a small negative pressure in the house.  All the cracks, holes, leaks, and imperfect seals in your home allow air to leak in balancing the pressure again.  The problem is that in the summer its hot air that your air conditioner new needs to cool, and in the winter its freezing air that your furnace needs to heat.

    A tankless system has a two vent pipes, one brings new fresh air from outside and the other vents the exhaust back out.  A tankless is a closed system which doesn’t create negative pressure in your home so you won’t be heating or cooling make up air from your water heater.

    Your house is a system and all the components do work and interact together, sometimes for the better and sometimes not.  Make sure you consider all aspects of your mechanical systems when making any home renovations.

    If you have questions or concerns regarding you homes water heating systems, Go Tankless is a Toronto and GTA based company that offers free consultations and tankless on demand water heater solutions.

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