Controversy Fires Debate Over Water Heaters – Review

    Controversy Fires Debate Over Water Heaters

    This was the title of a recent article by Ian Harvey of the Toronto Star. The article (read it here) was well written and for the most part completely accurate, which is a bit of a shock considering most journalists seem to chastise tankless water heaters at any possible opportunity.

    In his article Mr. Harvey mentions that he has a tankless or on-demand water heating system in his own home.  His first hand experience is clearly beneficial allowing him to write about the positives of this system.  He mentions that price is an issue and that they usually cost about double that of a conventional water heater. This is true and accurate and as such tankless systems still have very little penetration in the Toronto market with only about 5% of homes utilizing one.  The majority of Toronto home owners rent their water heaters, which seems like a cheap and easy solution; until Direct Energy sneakily decides to change the contracts on its customers… 

     As for installation Mr. Harvey addresses the 3 key elements correctly, you need to have natural gas at your home, running a gas line from the street for just a water heater is quite expensive.  There needs to be an electrical socket near where the tankless will be installed.  Lastly, there needs to be an adequate location where the vent can be situated outside the home.   

    The one thing I do feel Mr. Harvey was wrong on was the maintenance of a tankless system.  Water drawn from Lake Ontario still has between 8-10 grains of water hardness, this wont clog up your tankless but it will reduce its efficiency within a few years.  Having or performing a flush ensures you maintain the over 90% efficiency a tankless provides.

    If you have any questions, are interested in a tankless or need a tankless flush drop us a quick email or fill out the form below.

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