A Tankless Is Great For Small Businesses

    Tankless For Small Businesses Applications

    A tankless in a salon, bar, restaurant or other small businesses makes a lot of sense. Not only does a tankless provide unlimited hot water it saves you money by running only when necessary.  In addition to the cost advantages a tankless will hang on the wall allowing you more floor space which isn’t cheap when it comes to commercial rent prices. 

    Survey Results

    A recent survey determined that 92% of the survey takers said they were interested in purchasing a tankless hot water heater after learning about the benefits offered.  Most respondents suggested that the most compelling reason that they would purchase a tankless was the 40% reduction in energy costs over a conventional water storage tank.  Of those who own a tankless 93% said they were either extremely or very satisfied with their tankless units. 

    While tankless water heaters have been installed as a relatively standard practice throughout Asia and Europe for years now, homeowners and commercial applications across much of North America are just starting to realize the energy-efficient, space-saving benefits and convenience of a tankless hot water heater.   If you think you have a potential application for a tankless system give us a call and we can help answer any questions you may have.


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