Tankless Maintenance Tasks

    Tankless maintenance is important, just like it is for your car.  A tankless would probably run for a good 10 years without you doing a thing to it, but it will lose a lot of efficiency over time.  To maintain tankless efficiency you need a service tech to do some basic maintenance tasks.  One of the most important is flushing the system. tankless scale buildup

    Toronto has hard water and this causes build-up of deposits on the inside of the tankess.  With the addition of heat the process is accelerated creating a sort crude insulation.  This prevents the thorough transfer of heat to water and causes your tankless to run harder, longer and costing you more money.  Flushing a tankless is a quick and cheap task that removes the build-up and barrier created by the hard water. 

    I would also recommend you check the fan and fan grill for dirt and debris build-up that can cause internal overheating.  The next thing I would look at is the igniter, do a quick visual inspection looking for any apparent damage or potential issues.

    If the tankless isn’t giving you any issues or warning I don’t think you need to any other steps to maintain it.  Again though, the flush is probably the most important as it keeps your system in top performance.   

    If you are in the Greater Toronto Area send us an Email if you have any further questions or interested in having your system flushed.

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