Reliance Home Comfort Strike/Lockout

    Reliance Home Comfort Strike/Lockout

    Local 1999 is in bargaining with Reliance Home Comfort who have a set a firm deadline of April 16th at 12:01 am.  The union has made several passes to Reliance but has been met with firm resistance.  The proposal for a tiered CBA for new hires has been rejected and remains a firm sticking point.

    The union’s position is to bargain for a fair and equitable deal for all members at Reliance Home Comfort team.  They have until Sunday night and will bargain until the final seconds to avert any type of strike or lockout.

    Reliance Home Comfort has refused to say whether they will be locking employees out or not.

    This potential strike or lockout is between service reps and installers at Reliance Home Comfort.  As a customer of this company you will likely experience a decrease in customer service in HVAC service and HVAC installations.  If your equipment is running well and you don’t have any issues during this strike/lockout you likely wont even know it occurred. 

    You can read more at the CEP Local 1999 union statement

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