Master Predictions At Augusta National

    Our Master Predictions At Augusta National 2012

    It’s 2013 now so lets go ahead and make some predicitions on who we think are the contenders for this years Masters.  Note, our last years predictions were not very accurate but Mr. Watson had a spectacular finish and we are super happy for him!

    This year we are going to have to go with the player just dominating 2013 for top spot.

    1. Tiger Woods
    2. Jim Furyk
    3. Rickie Fowler

    Tiger – he is the clear choice for the win, he has just dominated 2013

    Jim Furyk – I feel is in contention as he’s experienced and on a bit of a role.  He did well last weekend and has some momentum coming into the Masters.

    Rickie Fowler – he hits a long ball and can be accurate when needed, he has had 3 years of practice at the Master so he has got to be feeling comfortable now.


    2012 predictions below…

    Well we all talked about it today and came up with our predictions for the winner of the Green Jacket this weekend.

    1. Hunter Mahan
    2. Lee Westwood
    3. Rory McIlroy

    Hunter Mahan – He has a lot of momentem going for him, he is in the zone, we all see him pulling through and doing really well this weekend.  He has more than showed his intentions and in 7 tournaments has placed in the top ten three times this year. 

    Lee Westwood – He has the talent and is due for a win.  In the last 4 tournaments he has placed in he has placed in the top 10 twice.

    Rory McIlroy –  His blow up last year, well this year is redemption time.  He has the skill and we all feel he will make this years attempt personal. 

    Potentials Candidates to Keep an Eye On

    We had a lively debate on these candidates for the win. 

    • Bo Van Pelt
    • Phil Mickelson
    • Keegan Bradley

    What About Tiger Woods?

    We all seem to think he is out, the last tourney he won was lucky.  He seems to be focusing too much on swing, mechanics, and form and it has ruined his game.  The man is a golf god with a greater talent than any other player in history, the problem is that he doesnt belive it and had lost all of his confidence.  For Tiger to get his mojo back (no pun intended) he needs to simply play golf and trust his instincts, dont worry about your mechanics, rely on the muscle memory and natural instincts that made you the greats golfer ever…. We predict a blowup and subsquent hissy fit of which Tiger will play himself right out of contention.

    These are all simply predictions and recomend you take them with a grain of salt.

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