A Few Benefits of a Tankless Heater

     A tankless heater hangs on the wall so it should free up some space in your basement.  We are all paying crazy amounts per square foot in our homes so it really only makes sense that we free up as much of it as possible. 

    It is crazy to rent a water heater, Ontario is a strange market, and most other Provinces don’t have such a large trend in water heater rentals.  You can easily pay for conventional a water heater 3 times over by renting it over a period of 15 years.  Sure a tankless is more expensive but they do have a significantly longer lifespan than a conventional tank and a tankless uses significantly less energy to heat your homes water.

    A tankless heater is best mounted on an exterior wall which eases the venting requirements, although each unit has its own set of rules and regulations. You will need a nearby electrical socket as well as natural gas to your home.  It’s hard to give a price for a tankless as there are numerous different models for certain homes and situations.   Since we also live in Ontario our ground water in the winter is quite cold, this requires that we purchase and install powerful systems capable of raising water temperatures 70 or more degrees (50 Celsius).  Tankless systems also are technologically advanced and can have remotes in bathrooms and kitchens, so if you know want your bath at 102 Fahrenheit you can simply set the tankless remotely to produce water at that exact temperature.  Thus A tankless will be more expensive but for a rough estimate you’re looking at between $2200 and $3800 and again highly dependent on accessories and unit purchased.

    Condensing tankless heaters are up to 98% efficient but they do cost a little more than the others which are around 82% efficient. A tankless has a significantly longer lifespan than a conventional tank so they do need to be flushed every few years… This is simply to remove the scale that builds up in all water heaters. On average a water heaters (tankless and conventional) efficiency rating is reduced by 2% per year due to scale build-up. Since a tankless can be cleaned it last longer and maintains its high efficiency. A conventional tank can lose 20-25 percent of its efficiency within 10 years, necessitating it be replaced.

    If you have any more questions don’t be afraid to ask.

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