Enwise Bankrupt

    Enwise Bankrupt

    Enwise Home Services formally known as Enwise Power Solutions appears to have gone bankrupt again. 

    Phones have been disconnected, emails remain unanswered, and customers have been left in the dark.  Enwise Power Solutions filed for bankruptcy in late 2010, at which point it was obvious they had a flawed business plan.  Money was unnecessarily spent and the costs were higher than the available revenue. The core of the company, with the help of an angel investor, purchased key elements back and tried to restart under the name Enwise Home Services.  This had some potential to survive as there was a skeleton crew with pre-developed processes and a good base born out of Enwise Power Solutions.  The biggest problem would likely be gaining back the trust of suppliers, contractors, and customers that were burned in the bankruptcy.

    Enwise Home Services Bankrupt

    It has been just over a year since Enwise Home Services was resurrected and it appears that the company has gone bankrupt again.  Local businesses, employees, and worst of all customers are on the hook again.  If you are affected by this unfortunate situation give us a call and we can perform scheduled maintenance and possibly honour warranties.  If we are unable to help you we can direct you to a reputable company that can perform any work during this difficult situation. Call Us 647-925-1930

    What Happens To Product Warranty?

    All HVAC equipment does come with its own factory warranty, and for the most part it is usually quite comprehensive.  This warranty will not be affected from the result of enwise bankrupt again and we can provide any warranty service that needs to be completed.  If you purchased an extended warranty you should check your bill of sale and see who the underwriter is.  It should be one of these three:

    1. Manufacturer – This is by far the best extended warranty money can buy.  You are free to choose any contractor for warranty work that you want.
    2. Third party insurers – Each has its own procedures but ultimately the service contractor need to get authorization before starting the job and you may be required to get a second opinion.  It can a long time to get your money back and it can be hard to find a contractor to perform the warranty work. 
    3. Installing Dealer – Theoretically this type of extended warranty can be just as good as the Factory warranty. Unless the company goes bankrupt like Enwise has. Then you are in trouble and will need to read the fine print on your contract or bill of sale.

    Furnace, Air conditioner, Water Heater Service and Maintenance

    To maintain warranty all your HVAC systems need to be serviced annually, Enwise won’t be sending you an email or phone call to schedule an appointment this year.  Give us a call and we can satisfy all necessary product stipulations to maintain your very important manufactures warranty.

    Question or Issues – Call Us    647-925-1930

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