EcoEnergy Audit Program Cancelled Again

    The Harper government has one again cancelled the ecoEnergy audit program early.  The audit program was surprisingly cancelled on January 29th 2012, and was not supposed to finish until March 31st 2012.

    Why Was The Audit Program Cancelled?

    This is a bit of a mystery, as the Conservatives had pledged 400 million in funding to the program from the budget only a few months ago.  Now with less than half of that money released as grants to Canadian citizens they have removed any access chalking it up to “fiscal responsibility”.  So ultimately the energy audit program in Canada has been destroyed to save 200 million dollars… If you look at how much money the program saves and has saved home owners through efficiency alone that 200 million is a drip in the Billion dollar savings bucket.  It’s really unfortunate we have such a pro oil Government willing to discount its citizens so easily.

    What Are The Details?

    • If you have completed your first audit but haven’t finished your upgrades or retrofits then you are still eligible for Government grants and rebates
    • The program is completely closed to new entrants
    • Homeowners can receive post-retrofit evaluations and apply for grants until June 30, 2012; the retrofit renovations must be completed by March 31.

    If you were hoping to get the rebates associated with a high efficiency tankless water heater then, unfortunately, you’re out of luck at the current moment.  Hopefully the program will be reinstated, but as it stands at the current moment you will have to recoup your tankless costs with its efficiency.  


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    1. There is a new funding program that helps companies to recover 83% of training costs towards training current or new staff. This will be a great opportunity for energy companies to train their staff for energy audit or installation of tankless water heaters. For more information check out:

    2. Save Energy First! Extend ecoENERGY!
      Federal Conservatives axe popular energy-saving program???
      An early end to ecoENERGY grants program closed two months ahead of schedule, with an estimated less than 1/2 of the $400 Million set aside in Budget 2011 used. We need to Save Energy First!

      Energy efficiency should be the first item on Canada’s energy agenda. Canada is about to spend billions on new oil sands projects, pipelines, nuclear and fossil-fuel power stations, hydroelectric dams, solar projects, and wind farms. But as we prepare to generate more energy, it makes sense to save energy first.

      We need to get serious about energy efficiency. The global economy is struggling and governments want to create jobs. This is a huge opportunity for Canadian governments to help Canadian families save energy. Making our homes more energy-efficient creates jobs in all communities.

      The Save ecoENERGY Coalition urges Canadians to send a clear message to decision makers that it’s time for Canada to save energy first before spending billions on more energy.

      Canadians can send this message using the Save ecoENERGY Coalition form at the saveecoenergy website

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