Why does everyone rent water heaters in Ontario?

    No other province rents hot water tanks so why does everyone here in Ontario?

    It is a strange province we live in. No one rents their furnace, air conditioner, fridge, stove, washer or dryer. So why do we rent water heaters?

    Ontario is in a transitional phase right now as old tank type water heaters are being replaced with the new, technologically enhanced, tankless water heaters. A tankless is well over 90% efficient and heats water on demand, significantly reducing your energy consumption (and energy bills).

    With this new transition it’s time for Ontario residents to start owning verses renting their water heater…. here’s why now is the right time to start owning.

    1. A tankless has a much longer lifespan than a regular tank, so you save money.
    2. Tankless systems typically cost more so the rental fees can be more than double
    3. Rental water heater companies don’t care about efficiency, why would they? You’re the one paying the bill.
    4. The Government is offering free rebates to offset some of the additional costs of a tankless.
    5. It will cost you significantly less to own than to it will to continue renting a water heater.

    Tankless Math Breakdown – Renting a Tankless Vs Owning a Tankless


    Rental Tankless

    Monthly Rental Fee – $39.95 plus taxes

    Lifespan of 20+ years – 39.95 x 12 x 20 = $9588 plus taxes to rent a tankless.

    Owned Tankless

    Purchase and Installation Cost – $2400 – $4000 (not including government rebates)

    Lifespan of 20+ years – these systems have exceptionally long warranties so you’re likely to get an easy 20 or more years of reliable service.


    None of the other appliances are rented in our homes what baffles us so much to assume that a water heater needs to be? Renting a regular water heater verses owning will cost homeowners more than double. It’s time to get out of these ridiculous 10 year contracts and get back to simply owning your water heater and saving money. Technology is revolutionizing water heating systems don’t get locked into a lengthy contract call or email today and see how cheap owning a tankless can be.

    We offer free site inspections to provide you with an exact price and to ensure a tankless can be installed in your home.

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