Energy Audit Program Coming To An End… Again

    The ecoEnergy program that gives homeowners access to thousands in grant money to upgrade and improve the efficiency of their homes is coming to an end.

    This program is quite convoluted due to both the Provincial and Federal Governments flip flopping on both funding and support for the ecoEnergy retrofit. I guess when something is as successful as the ecoEnergy program it makes sense that our Government would work to dismantle it.

    Moving from a old tank type hot water system to a tankless will net you 315-375 dollars in rebate money depending on the efficiency of your new tankless. You can also add grants up, so if you change out your old furnace or insulate you walls to R-50, then add 750-1250 dollars to that 375 dollars you received for the tankless. It’s definitely a great opportunity for Canadians to take advantage of.

    Having an energy audit on your home shows you the home owner intimate details regarding the walls, roof, equipment, insulation, and efficiency of the place you live and call home. It can provide very useful ways to not only save money but get you access to grants that help offset the cost of the upgrades. The ecoEnergy audit retrofit will once again be cancelled on March 31st 2012.

    You can find out more on where do get an audit from

    If you are interested in the grants and the values that are available you can check them out here on this GRANT CHART

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