Cold Weather Is On The Way Toronto

    It’s December and here in Toronto we have seen basically zero snow and above seasonal temperatures pushing our heating season back by over a month.  It’s true we have a strong focus on tankless water heaters but we are also able to install and maintain furnaces within most of the Greater Toronto Area.  We like to ensure that you have effective HVAC equipment that is the most suitable system for your home. 

    Fundamentally high end tankless and furnaces are for the most part very similar to low and mid range units.  You are going to get some upgraded parts and whole lot more features on the high end units but will you use those features?  I know I purchased a high end dishwasher once; it has a whole bunch of features and a ton of buttons. Of all of those options and buttons I use one, and it’s the same button everyday… START.  Keep that in mind when purchasing new home equipment, it’s easy to get caught up in all the features.

    We always work with you as the home owner to find something that will fit your budget and most importantly generate savings though efficiency.  Even a 12 year old furnace is sufficiently less efficient to justify looking into a new system.  Remember that this week the cold is going to set in and bring the chills associated with winter, make sure your prepared and have your furnace inspected today.

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