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    There has been a significant increase in the levels of technology added to tankless water heaters by manufactures.  This has many homeowners overwhelmed by to sheer number of things learn and understand. We aim to provide sound guidance and unbiased help to home owners based on our years of experience with tankless water heaters.

    It’s important to understand that homeowners looking to upgrade to a tankless may need to make changes to their existing gas lines, water line, and even their electrical supply.

    Popular Tankless Systems

    Condensing Technology

    A condensing tankless is the most efficient system a home owner can purchase. Condensing technology uses a second heat exchanger to preheat incoming water before it reaches the primary heat exchanger.  This extra little step bumps up a tankless efficiency rating to about 97%.

    Rinnai Tankless Condensing

    Rheem Tankless Condensing

    Navien Tankless Condensing

    Non-Condensing Tankless

    These systems have a single heat exchanger that is able to heat water up to temperature nearly immediately.  The efficiency on a non condensing tankless is around 83% much higher than a conventional storage type water heater.

    Rinnai Tankless Non-Condensing

    Rheem Tankless Non-Condensing

    Navien Tankless Non-Condensing

    • Navien only make condensing tankless systems

    Picking The Best Tankless

    In order to select the best water heater, and avoid unnecessary expenses and unjustified purchases, homeowners need both education and guidance. Here at the tankless hot water guide we aim to provide this help, and the trust customers are looking for. There are a lot of benefits gained with a properly sized and installed tankless water heater and homeowners can sometimes see their water heating bill cut in half.

    If you are interested but don’t know who to trust send us a quick message or give one of our staff a call to discuss. 


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    Take care and happy tankless shopping.

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    1. DO NOT purchase a Bosch tankless water heater system unless you are rich and stupid because there is nobody who will service it in your area at a reasonable cost. Tankless water heating is not an economical solution, and the amount of water you have to run through it before the hot comes through will increase your water bills. This is a technology that is not worth supporting. RUN

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