Breaking Your Water Heater Contract In Toronto

    Unfortunately all companies have their own contracts and stipulations that you will likely need to abide by if you are past the 10 day consumer protection act. Most are for between 8-10 years with a set fee to break that contract early (but there exceptions). If you do decide to switch companies most will negotiate price and will actually subsidize or even pay your termination fees to get you as a client. The water heater market is highly competitive so take advantage of that. A rental tankless will cost roughly 39$ – 49$ a month depending on model and size (IMPORTANT – you are still entitled to a government rebate with a rental tankless so look into an energy audit). A regular rental tank should be between 10$ and 25$ a month, again depends on size and venting.

    Purchase a Water Heater Outright

    A tankless rental company will not notify when the contract is up, they actually hope you forget and keep paying them. If you are past your contract definitely look into just purchasing either a tankless or conventional tank. These systems are incredibly reliable and actually not that expensive to buy outright, you never have to worry about a contract or any cancellation fees and even better, door to door sales people. We offer free quotes for a tankless or conventional tank purchase and installation. See how much here.

    The annoying door to door sales.

    If you are contacted at your door ask these questions before you even think about letting the sales person into your home.

    • 1. What company do you represent?
    • 2. How long is the contract for?
    • 3. Are there charges to exit the contract if I’m not satisfied with the service?
    • 4. What is the experience level of your technicians and staff?
    • 5. How much higher are your rental rates?

    How do Toronto home owners feel about door to door techniques?

    A recent poll suggests were not too thrilled.

    • 58% felt pressured into making a purchase or signing the contract presented
    • 61% who purchased experienced “buyer’s remorse”, and regretted signing the contract
    • 70% feel angry and taken advantage of

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