A Home Tankless Assesment In Toronto

    If you’re thinking of having a tankless installed in your home it’s important to do your research and understand what it is you want. Tankless systems have more stringent installation requirements than conventional tank type water heaters. Occasionally a new tankless can be vented right though the same path but it’s not always possible. Having a professional come in and assess your home allows you to tap their knowledge and not only see if a tankless can successfully be installed but also pick the best spot for installation. A Professional can help you decide:

    • Location For Tankless Installation
    • Vent Path Options
    • Electrical needs
    • Water Path Optimization
    • Flow Requirements
    • Brand of Tankless Unit
    • Help In Accessing Government Rebate Programs

    Flow rate is an important issue that should be assessed on an individual house basis. A condensing tankless uses the exhaust heat to pre-warm the incoming water; this is good for Toronto and area locations as our winter water temperature is cold. Having cold winter water decreases how much hot water a tankless can produce, so it is important to ensure you get a system that can provide you with the necessary amount of hot water.

    We offer free tankless assessments and can have someone come out to your home to assess firstly, if a tankless can be installed, and then, which system would provide you with the correct hot water quantity. There’s no obligation to purchase anything, but if you decide you’re interested we can work out a quote and leave it with you. An assessment takes no longer than 30 minutes.

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