Debunking Some Common Tanklesss Beliefs

    I have read a few articles lately regarding a number of beliefs, ideas, and thoughts on the benefits and opinions of tankless water heaters. I would like to take a few minutes here to verify and nullify some of them.

    A tankless water heater will not save you money.

    This depends so much on the situation it’s impossible to make any claim that a tankless will not save you money. Here are a few variables that factor in.

      1. The price of natural gas varies by Province, City, Country, and even supplier and on top of that there is delivery charges, taxes, and additional fees. A tankless can significantly influence these costs instigating either an increase or a decrease (more often than not its a decrease).
      2. The price of the tankless… this varies again with the size of unit, the brand etc etc. Also be careful of door to door conventional tank type water heater sales people, more often than not those contracts are much higher than the actual cost of a tankless.
      3. Tankless warranties are pretty similar to a conventional tank type water heater, but…. a tankless is designed to be serviced and have a lifespan of over 20 years. Their heat exchangers are designed to be cleaned of all calcification, whereas you tank type heater is simply designed to be replaced

    So take the what you hear about the advantages and disadvantages of a tankless with a grain of salt. If someone has decided it’s not for them and feels it important to rhyme off a few common misconceptions take the time to investigate and see if its right for your home.

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