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    Its funny that most of the major tankless companies don’t have Canadian versions of their websites… Canada is a very natural gas dependent country and thus most of us have the service in our homes.  You would think that a market of 30 million plus people might foster a small investment in a specific Canadian website. 

    On demand water heater manufactures know that the further north their product is installed the colder the ground water and the more energy needed to heat water up to acceptable temperatures.  For the most part all of the major Canadian tankless companies have successfully overcome this issue. They certainly should work on advertising and showcasing their advancements.  Canadian tankless specific websites would go a long way.

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      Recommended GTA and Golden Horseshoe Tankless Installers

      1. Tankless Hot Water Guide 

      If you are looking to invest in upgrading your water heater and want stability in the company that installs it, it’s worth getting at least 3 quotes from local tankless water heater installers.

      After you receive the three quotes take stock of how each company made you feel, if you felt the most comfortable with the company with the highest quote it’s likely best you choose them. If they were all professional and confident choose the middle quote throwing out the lowest and highest.

      Manufactures With a Canadian Tankless Web Site

      1. Rinnai –
      2. Navien –
      3. Bosch – (The website is terrible though)
      4. John Wood –

      Manufactures Without a Canadian Tankless Web Site

      1. GSW
      2. Noritz
      3. Paloma
      4. Takagi

      Tankless Water Heaters Recommended for Ontario Homes

      Top 3

      1. Rinnai Tankless
      2. Rheem Tankless
      3. Navien Tankless

      Alternative Brands

      We have been installing tankless water heaters throughout Southern Ontario for over a decade now.  Our installation crew has worked on custom multi-system installations for large factories, huge franchises (Tim Horton’s), and literally thousands of residential homeowners.  Why do we recommend the 3 brands above?  Experience.  Rinnai has proven to be one of the most reliable tankless water heaters available.  In fact that is our #1 choice when supplying a rental tankless for a customer.  Think about that for a minute; as a rental we are on the hook for any repairs and breakdowns that occur to that water heater.  To minimize our labour costs we want to install the most reliable system available and that has to be Rinnai. 
      If you are a home owner doing some research on which tankless is the best to invest in, then that’s your answer.  We trust Rinnai tankless water heaters for all our rental systems, and you should trust them for all your homes water heating needs as well.   

      Recommended Toronto and GTA Tankless Installers

      1. Tankless Hot Water Guide

      We are proud of the work we do and are confident in our Canadian tankless pricing, so much so we work to get you a number of quotes even from our competitors. Ensuring you get a great price and a fantastic job trumps corporate profiting. Im certain we will more than meet your tankless water heater installation needs even if we lose the odd sale we generate. 


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      1. I had a Takagi TKJr installed in my lower cottage installed for a water radiant heater in Muskoka. -20 to -30 for weeks at times every winter. That unit was installed 10 years ago and still functions today. Water inlet temp was 45 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter and had to be heated to at least 165 for efficient radiant heat which it easily achieved. It does ramp up BTU when called for. One of the most reliable appliance I have ever bought and like I said with its heavy demand still functioning today. Complete workhorse. I would not hesitate to buy another tankless water heater when this one finally dies. They do work when you buy a brand name tankless and install in properly.

      2. This is a common misconception, and of course it’s not true. The flow on all tankless water heaters have been tested in Canada. A tankless uses a high power fully modulating burner, so when the incoming water is colder in winter more power is used, and in the summer the burner is throttled down and less energy is used. What this person fails to understand is that there are a number of smaller lower powered tankless units designed to be installed in more southerner locals. These units are not sold in Canada. If I was to make a guess it sounds like this person may be a snowbird who brought an under spec US tankless home to install in his home. I bet the price was great but installing an undersized tankless would yield the exact results described.

      3. Do NOT install a tankless water heater. They drastically reduce the water flow in your house. You will be disappointed.
        Tankless water heaters sacrifice flow for heat. So water flow decreases dramatically to keep the water hot.
        The water flow rating for these units is determined in the southern states where the incoming water temperature is not as cold as Canada. In Canada (especially winter) the incoming water temp is so cold the units can’t keep temp and flow high, so flow is sacrificed.
        Very disappointing.

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