Grants For Tankless Are Back In Ontario

    Well it looks as though the EcoEnergy audit program has been approved for another year.

    This was an extremely popular program put in 3 years ago that enabled home owners to receive upwards of $10000 in government grants and rebates. Technically it would be really difficult to get that much but it did provide a significant reduction on a number of home systems. Initially the ecoEnergy program was funded with over $700 million dollars but as it grew in popularity the funding became more scarce. The Federal pulled their funding last year in an attempt to slow the demand. This left Provincial Government to fund and promote the home energy audit and grants available.

    As you likely have heard in the news the Conservative Government has allocated $400 million to reinstate their share of the available grants to home owners. What does this mean to you? Well if your looking for a tankless water heater (which I would assume is why you are here) you will be entitled to a grant of over $700 dollars. That is a good portion of what a tankless will cost over a conventional tank.

    So if your housing an antique water heater in your basement now is probably a good time to upgrade to a tankless and get the Government to pay for a good portion of the system.

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