Grants For Tankless Are Ending In Ontario

    The grant money available to home owners that switch from a regular conventional tank to the newer tankless system will disappear on MARCH 31st 2011.

    This a great program that the Government has in place to help home owners offset the cost associated with upgrading old heating, cooling, insulation and various other systems within a home.  Upgrading old conventional tank type water heaters was one of the major targeted areas that saw huge grants to promote the removal of these systems.  A tankless system is designed to have a lifespan of over 20 years, where as a tank will be lucky to last 12-15 years.  The efficiency comparison between a storage tank system and a tankless is roughly around the 40% mark.  Yes a tankless will be more expensive but it will save you money, and even though that money is hard to see a tankless systems is a proven money saver. 

    You Have Never Had An Eco Energy Audit

    If your living in Ontario and just hearing about this program now your OK you can still participate you just need to act fast visit home eco energy audit to book an audit as soon as possible the auditor will explain everything you need to know.

    1. Get your first audit
    2. Upgrade your home (furnace, tankless, windows insulation, as much or a little as you choose)
    3. Have a second audit preformed to confirm upgrades
    4. Wait for rebate money from the Government (usually takes a while, as we all know how fast they work)

    You Have Had Your First Audit

    If you know about the program and have had your first audit completed and maybe a few upgrades on your come installed, you have until the end of the month to get the final audit and receive your grant money.

    1. The second audit is cheap and you will receive all your rebates for all upgrades
    2. You can go with any auditing company to do the second audit (they all have access to your first audit details and info) Home Eco Energy Audits is a good Toronto based company that has auditors all over Ontario.
    3. You only have until March 31 to finish this last audit or you lose out.

    This is a Win Win program for all Canadian and Ontario citizens, the Government is helping you pay for new HVAC equipment for your home and you never need to pay them back for it.. DEAL

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