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    We have been receiving numerous requests for tankless cleaning, help, and advice, so in response we’re starting a new service…. Tankless Flushing! Thousands of tankless water heaters have been installed in Toronto and surrounding areas with sales people promoting a lifespan of 20-25 years….. Sure a tankless can last a long time, but not without some regular maintenance. Right? RIGHT!

    First and most important, de-scaling your tankless water heater.

    If the installer was good you will likely have isolation or flush valves installed. These valves allow you to isolate the tankless and push vinegar or a scale removal agent through the tankless effectively cleaning the buildup off the wall of the inside of the heat exchanger. As we wrote in “Lime Scale The Energy Thief” it really doesn’t take much buildup to decrease efficiency significantly (and isn’t that what you bought the tankless for in the first place?).

    The Process

    At the Tankless Hot Water Guide were here to help people first and foremost, if you are handy this is something that you can easily do yourself.  Here is a brief outline of the steps necessary for a tankless flushing.

    Most Important – Purchase a Tankless Flushing Kit like this one

    1. Unplug your tankless.
    2. On the blue isolation (flush) valve shut the Cold water supply off.
    3. On the red isolation (flush) valve shut the hot water exit off.
    4. Now you will need two short hoses, a bucket and a pump of some sort.
    5. Attache the two hoses to the isolation valves (flush valves).
    6. Attach the other end of the hose running from the blue isolation valves to your pump.
    7. Fill the bucket with your de-scaling agent (vinegar).
    8. Turn the pump on and make sure that the red isolation valve hose is running back into the bucket.
    9. Let this run for at least 30 minutes.
    10. –If the system hasn’t been flushed in a long time and you see a lot of grime, unplug the pump, dump and refill the bucket with new vinegar.  Let run for an additional 30 minutes.
    11. After you are finished dump the bucket and fill with clean water, start the pumping again to flush the vinegar out of the system.  If you use a chemical de-scaling solution make sure to rinse your tankless thoroughly.
    12. Almost done!
    13. Disconnect all the hoses, replace caps, double check everything is back to normal.
    14. Turn the two valves back to the on or flow position and plug the tankless back in.
    15. Run the hot water at a few taps to push any air in the system out and confirm hot water is being produced.
    16. Repeat once every year or so.

    Our Tankless Flushing Service

    Yes that can be a lot of work, but we can do it for you! Call to schedule your tankless system flush. Don’t have an isolation valve kit on your tankless? No problem, Valves and installation are an easy cheap upgrade. Questions and Concerns? Always free!

    CALL US ANYTIME (647) 925-1930

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      1. Hello, Great article! Thanks for the information. I have flushed my my Rinnai tankless heater mutliple times over the years. This year, I rec’d an LC1 error. I purchased white vinegar and flushed unit. One day later, the error code showed up again. I have flushed the unit 3x with white vinegar & flushed it with LCR this past weekend. I am still seeing a LC error. Do you have any suggestions to clearing this alarm?

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