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    You live in Toronto, Mississauga, Hamilton or one of the cities located nearby and your interested in a tankless water heater so you Google it, researching brands, models, venting and everything in between. You decide on a Navien tankless as it seems to have the best of everything. We are going to try and talk you out of it. The thing is most of the time people always search for the positives, try Goggling ‘Navien problems’ and you will find an entire underworld containing copious amounts of frustrations and little hacks to try and get these units running as they are plagued with problems.

    You know your house inside and out as well as how your family uses water, but your installer knows tankless systems. You both need to listen to each other when determining the right brand and size to install.

    An installer or company dealing with tankless systems installs them everyday they know the ins and outs of the different brands. Its likely that they will recommend a brand as they know its dependability.

    Some Tips To Ask The Sales Representative

    1. Every tankless needs unique venting to meet Government requirements, if someone says they can sell you one over the phone…. RUN
    2. How many hot water applications can run simultaneously (eg. dishwasher, sink shower)
    3. Ask for a breakdown of costs
    4. Ensure you get the exact model they plan on installing and try a quick Google search on it
    5. Make sure you get your warranty printed on the contract
    6. Do they have experience installing in Toronto or surrounding areas

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