Price out a Rinnai Tankless

    We get a significant number of people looking for Navien Tankless water heaters on this site…. Yes they do have the highest efficiency rating of any tankless BUT… They (in our opinion) are the worst built tankless water heater.  If you feel we are wrong check out the comments we get regarding Navien errors and problems HERE or HERE.  As you can see there are numerous issues.

    Price out a Rinnai Tankless, the rc98hpi is a condensing tankless with a energy factor of 94%.  It is a very stable unit with little to no issues. If your looking for stability and reliability they you will probably want to stick with Rinnai or another brand of tankless water heaters. But if you want the highest efficient tankless on the market you will want to go with a Navien unit.

    Either way we offer access to all units and can get you an installed price quote for which ever way you end want to persue.

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