Toronto Heats Up

    Well it looks as thought the summer we misses last year has come back in 2010 with a vengeance! Don’t get me wrong, no one is complaining but its certainly one of those summers your thankful you have air conditioning.  Now if your one of those family’s that just refuses to install central air its time to rethink that. 

    Firstly, there’s so many appliances in a home that run now (computers, stereos, big screen TV’s) and these units produce a lot of heat.  Think about when  you leave the computer running in a room with door closed how quickly its transformed into a sauna.  All these new electronics can really raise the temperature of any home and if its 36 degrees outside it doesn’t take long to send your homes interior temperature sky rocketing.

    Secondly, (more on the lines of tankless water heaters) a tankless water heater will only turn on when there is hot water needed, so all day when the home is empty that old conventional tank is just producing heat, and heating up your house.  Its even worse if you have air conditioning and its working to cool your home all the while the water heater is heating up the house…. Might be time to switch to a Tankless

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