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    Tankless Rentals

    A tankless water heater can be an expensive upgrade for a homeowner. Sure the system will save you money on natural gas or propane but there is a large sum of money to come up with initially that takes a while to recoup.

    Renting a Rinnai Tankless

    We facilitate the renting if Rinnai tankless systems which only cost $39.95 a month, there is no installation fees and any breakdown or maintenance fees are completely covered as you are only renting the system.  Tankless systems have a lifespan of over 20 years, if after a set period of time you decide you want to purchase it, no problem.

    The Federal Government removing their portion of grant money has reduced the incentive to purchase these units and thus booting the value in a rental system.  In all likelihood you are probably renting a conventional tank already why not upgrade to unlimited hot water and save a bunch of money off your gas bill (in most cases it easily offsets the additional rental costs.

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