End of Government Grants for Tankless

    Grants End

    In a surprise announcement on Thursday April 1 2010, the Federal government suspended the Ecoenergy retrofit program. This program aided homeowners in upgrading their existing HVAC equipment to more energy efficient models, thus reducing greenhouse gases that homes emitted substantially. The program was axed due to its popularity, more than 3 times more Canadians participated than the Government had anticipated. Typical government fashion, lets end anything that is actually working and making a change. This puts more than 2000 energy auditors and countless other support staff out of jobs, and that’s only in Ontario.

    Can I Still Get An Audit?

    Unfortunately, you can not get an audit anymore. There are no more grants available for tankless water heaters from Federal or Provincial governments.

    • The Ontario provincial government was matching all grants, this has also ended.
    • This isnt the end, there will be incentives from companies and manufactures to try and maintain the low entry cost for a tankless water heater.
    • Check back here as we will be following the situation and posting any updates.

    I Have Had My D-Audit, Will I Not Get My Grants?

    • If you have had your D-Audit but nit your final E-Audit then you are lucky. The Government will still honour all rebates and upgrades that you do. You have until April 1 2011 to perform any upgrades and have your final E-Audit. I would recommend that you look into upgrading as much as you can over the next year, you can get $1500 back on a new furnace and $750 on a tankless water heater, and even more on roof and wall insulation. Your in a good situation, I would definitely take advantage of it.

    Is a Tankless Water Heater Even Worth It Now?

    • Even though you are not able to get the grants for a tankless water heater the cost to benefit is still greater than having and maintaining you conventional tank water heater.
    • Natural Gas and Electricity prices are only on the rise, any system that can cut their use by over 40% will net you savings.
    • If you need a loan to purchase a tankless rates are still exceptionally low
    • Our rental rates haven’t changed, you can still rent a tankless for $39.95 a month

    Give us a call or send us a quick email and we will call you, quotes and information are always free.

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