Whats Involved In A Tankless Install?

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    So you are interested in getting a tankless water heater, here is a run down of what you can expect if you decide to choose us for the purchase and install.

    Firstly we  send a REP out to your home to assess and determine if a tankless system can even be installed.  Tankless water heaters have additional venting and placement codes that have to be met for a system to be installed, on average 20% of homes are unable to vent legally.  Next the REP will determine your needs and your water usage, looking at the number of people living there, number of bathrooms, and amount of appliances that require hot water.   Then the info is presented to you the home owner and you will need to choose if you want to go for a regular tankless or a high efficiency condensing tankless water heater.  All prices and cost will be shown and explained to you for your unique home and venting requirements.

    If you decide to go with a tankless and before anything is done, if the home owner chooses we facilitate a home energy audit which costs $325 but gives $630 to $750 back automatically with any tankless install.  This reduces the net price on any tankless water heater by $305 to $450 instantly, not to mention if you decide to perform any additional upgrades on your home (toilets, windows, furnace, air conditioner, insulation, etc) your able to receive the grants available from the government on those upgrades. OK, so energy audit is done.

    Your old tank is removed and the new tanklesswater heater is installed, this takes roughly 3-5 hours depending difficulty.  If you are on a rental contract for your old tank type water heater we will take care of all paper work and have the tank returned so you are not charged for it.  If you owned the old tank we take it away and dispose of it properly (unless you want it for some reason).

    Thats Pretty much what happens when you decide to have a tankless water heater installed with us.  If you want further info fill out the form here and we can call or email any additional info you are looking for

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